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iTunes U Update - Fall 2016 Dev Day

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UPDATED! Manage Course Podcasts on iTunes U

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About iTunes U

Rock Valley College has been apart of iTunes U since 2006. iTunes U provides access to educational materials, including free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects. More than 1,000 colleges, Universities, K-12, and cultural organizations have an active iTunes U presence.

Visit RVC on iTunes U: click here

Managing Course Podcasts on iTunes U

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Recent Training for iTunes U

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Links: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

RVC on iTunes U

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Podcast programs including: public events, special productions, online courses, research materials, and more.

RVC on iTunes requires Apple's iTunes software. All RVC supplied computers have iTunes installed. If you need iTunes on a personal machine, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is a simple combination of two things: digital media files such as audio or video that can be downloaded (not streamed) from the Internet, and a simple and easy way for people to automatically download those files.

What is iTunes U?
"iTunes U is a free, hosted service for colleges and universities that provides easy access to... educational content, including lectures and interviews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

What is RVC on iTunes U?
RVC on iTunes U is a repository and support mechanism for multiple RVC podcasting efforts collected together into a single location.

How can I start using RVC on iTunes U today?
If you would like to start podcasting using RVC on iTunes U, please click here. We will help you get started with everything you need, from suggestions in designing your programs, to selecting equipment, to generating album artwork, and finally to creating your own show on RVC on iTunes U.

Faculty Development Day

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Thanks for attending my sessions!

Benefits of Screencasting
There are two obvious reasons for screencasting some or all of the content for your classes. The first is that it makes your life easier. The second is that it makes your students’ lives easier.

Screencasting some of your lessons allows you to archive them for future use. It is easy to build up a library of content this way that you can simply access each year as long as the information is still current. For students screencasting and archiving lessons, either on a site like your own YouTube channel or iTunes U, allows you to flip the classroom. This simply means that students watch the lesson videos in their own time, at their own pace, and wherever they like. The benefit for them is that they can pause, rewind, or replay you as often as they need to in order to best understand the material. For you, flipping the classroom frees you up to work one-on-one with students, either to remediate things they didn’t get on their own, or to provide enrichment at the individual level.

My First Movie: iTunes U & Pod/Video Casting for Beginners

Link to presentation: Click Here


My Next Movie: iTunes U & Advanced Pod/Video Casting

Other Links:

  • Recent seminar I taught on "How to teach with iPad" click here
  • Meet Destir - click here
  • Swivl - robotic hardware that allows faculty to be followed and recorded as they move in the classroom. Works with iPhone & iPad click here

Connection iPad to OverHead Projector Wirelessly in under 2 Minutes!
All RVC classrooms are now AirPlay enabled!

click here to open a step by step guide

Connection Conference Attendees

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Thanks for coming to "Teaching with iPad" session!

Take some time and browse through this site. I hope it helps!

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iTunes U: Podcast Creation & Management

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Tunes U: Podcast Creation & Management

Rock Valley College has been apart of iTunes U since 2006. There are over 1,000 Colleges and Universities using iTunes U to deliver course content in the format of video or audio podcasts. In addition, iTunes U can host PDF files as well.

You are invited to this hour long training on how to register and use iTunes U in your course or department. Furthermore, attendees will learn how to record video podcasts using In addition, use of simple editing tools will be discussed as well.

A list of podcast creation apps for iPad users will also be available.

When:Wednesday February 4th 3:30-4:30pm
Where: WTC152

Please RSVP -

If you have any questions please email Chuck Konkol

Fall 2014 Development Day

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Look Ma, no wires! NEW steps to Mirroring iPad to projector in minutes!

Thanks to all that attended the "Teaching with the iPad” session during development day! I showed all how to use Airplay to connect to the RVC Employee Only wifi and how to use AirServer in the classroom. Here was the agenda for the session (session links are available below).
  1. History of faculty using iPads on Campus
  2. How iPads are used in and out of the classroom
  3. Hands on Demo: How to connect iPad to new employee only Wifi and mirror iPad to projector
  4. App suggestions for faculty
  5. Demo of Explain Everything app


  1. Download Presentation
  2. Double Robotics (iPad Telepresence Robot):
  3. iTextbooks:
  4. iAuthor:
  5. MediaStreamer Device
    Solution to transfer files from USB drive to your iPad!
    1) Turn on MediaStreamer
    2) Connect iPad to MediaStreamer Adhoc Wifi
    3) Plug in USB memory stick, external drive, or SD card toMediaStreamer
    4) From iPad use free MediaStreamer app to open your Movie, Music, or Presentation files WITHOUT BEING CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!

    Works Great!

    Wal-Mart (buy for $39)

iTunes U Overview Webinar

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Teaching with iPad 9/20/2013

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Apple System Engineer, Jason Bruder and Apple Account Executive, Jason Beckham will be hosting a session entitled "Teaching with iPad" on Friday, September 20th.

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