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What do you know?

posted Aug 12, 2013, 2:06 PM by Charles Konkol
This lesson polls the students knowledge of upcoming material BEFORE you present it. Teachers can use this lesson to taylor future lessons on upcoming course topics.

* Socrative (Teacher) iPad App 
* Teacher account setup at t.socrative.com
* 5-10 questions from upcoming topics

1) In the Teacher app, create 5-10 question poll from upcoming topic
2) As soon as students arrive for class have them go to m.socrative.com and enter you room number
3) Start the poll as teacher driven.
4) Stop between each question and go over the correct answer 
5) When poll is complete send report
6) Check your email and go over report and decided on what strengths and weaknesses the class has on the topic
7) Tweak future lesson plans to focus on the weaknesses of students knowledge of material.