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Explain Everything (EE) App for Podcasting

posted Jan 8, 2014, 11:37 AM by Charles Konkol   [ updated Jan 8, 2014, 11:41 AM ]
Podcasting with the iPad has been made easier with Explain Everything. The below steps explain how I use EE in all my face to face courses.


1) Create / Edit Presentation in KeyNote
2) Within Keynote Export as PDF and Open In EE
3) Once EE is open and PDF has been imported add a few slides to the front of EE for announcements, whiteboard activities, etc
4) Scatter blank slides throughout just in case you need them during your presentation
5) Save project

1) Connect iPad to overhead via VGA or Airplay
2) Start EE and open project
3) Press RECORD button and begin teaching!
4) Object I use to teach with within EE
    - Arrow
    - Place multiple images on one slide and pinch to make smaller/larger
    - Video
    - Virtual Pointer
5) Once finished teaching press STOP button
6) Save

1) Connect iPad to Mac
2) Start up Explain Everything Compressor App (see here)
3) In iTunes export EE file and drop on Explain Everything Compressor App
4) Press Compress Button

Deploy Podcast
5) Upload video file to YouTube (If you need to create a Youtube Account see below)
    - Copy/Paste Embed code from YouTube onto your course website for students to access easily
6) Upload to iTunes U (If you need an account for your course let me know or create your own iTunes U account [see below])



- Chuck